key facts

  • for inside cleaning, sterilisation and filling
  • for all s/s kegs and all oneway keg
  • for all fitting types
  • interval cleaning - kegwall and down tube
  • low absorption of oxygen during filling
  • low beer spill


  • capacity 30 keg/h

additional information

  • completely in stainless steel (AISI 403)
  • one insulated tank for detergent
  • switch cabinet completely in AISI 403
  • one cleaning head, a sterilisation station and one filling head with difference pressure control (no foaming at filling)
  • two vent valves for best and fast filling
  • tables with keg stop logs
  • control for keg-valve open
  • pressure switch for control of flow line and electronic probe for control of return line
  • pneumatically piston valves
  • panel at the front (to change between filling and CIP cleaning)
  • no electrical components in the wet area

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