aeration system

key facts

  • good fermentation requires the correct aeration of wort and yeast before pitching
  • best possible aeration effect by forming very fine bubbles
  • reduced foaming in fermenter
  • savings of pressurized air
  • reduced bitterness unit losses


  • patented two-component nozzle
  • saturation right after the nozzle, therefore no dissolving section required
  • monitoring of the sterile air quantity by measuring pressure and flow speed
  • simple operation directly at the touch panel
  • various degrees of automation possible
  • the nominal widths available range for TURBO AIR from 40 to 150 mm


  • possibility for a professional and efficient aeration for smaller breweries
  • cost-optimized design with a very effective solubility of oxygen in the wort
  • a fixed piping is not necessary by connecting the system with hoses
  • available with just the nozzle or including a sterile air panel
  • orderable with a frame for floor mounting or for wall mounting

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