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industry service - your partner on site

we install the system with local workforce and specialists in their field rigging, mechanical, welding and electrical works

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malting system

2 - 25 t/batch

a germination-kilning combo drum for the automated production of various malts

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malt handling equipment

the path from malt to mash in detail

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two roller grist mills

capacity from 250 - 500 kg/h

the workhorse for pub and craft breweries

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four roller grist mills

capacity from 800 - 3,000 kg/h

improve your efficiency and lautering times

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six roller grist mills

capacity from 1,000 - 14,000 kg/h

get the highest efficiencies and perfect grist composition - endosperm mashing possible

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capacity from 2,5 - 40 hl/batch

KASPAR SCHULZ "Braublock" is a complete and preinstalled brewhouse system for breweries in stainless steel, combining all components of brewing in a single system, from pre-mashing to whirlpool

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capacity from 2,5 - 100 hl/batch

a traditional brewing system custom-built by the KASPAR SCHULZ copper smith

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industrial brewhouses

capacity from 2,5 - 300 hl/batch

production brewing systems with state of the art technologies for beer with character

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airation system

capacity from 5 - 1,500 hl/h

good fermentation requires yeast in top condition and the correct aeration of wort and yeast before pitching

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yeast propagation system

vigorous and strongly fermenting yeast in a physiologically flawless state as an essential requirement for high and consistent beer quality and increasing biological safety

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open fermenters

open fermenters are a traditional method of fermentation which allow natural air exchange - build a personal relationship to your beer by having a daily look at the beer

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finest quality stainless steel vessels combine complex technical solutions and cutting-edge workmanship with quality and top-of-the-range aesthetics

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horizontal lagering tanks

finest quality stainless steel horizontal lagering tanks combine complex technical solutions and cutting-edge workmanship with quality and top-of-the-range aesthetics

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CIP system

for the operationally reliable use of a CIP system for cleaning of tanks, containers and process units

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flash pasteurizer

our flash pasteurization systems contain the gentlest state-of-the-art process for the biological preservation of beers

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filter system

filtration has a decisive influence on the quality of the finished beer, as it ensures microbial, colloidal and flavor stability

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hopdosing system

flexible use for hop pellets and cone hops in different process steps and areas

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