Bottle Filler AFD 4-8

key facts

  • teflon membrane for product valve and all valves not in contact with product
  • filling block seals with an extremely long service life
  • changing between the bottle sizes in a few seconds
  • very low lost beer during start and filling process
  • automatic bottle detection in the inlet feed conveyor


AFD 4: up to 640 bottles/h or 160 partykeg/h

AFD 6: up to 1.100 bottles/h or 240 partykeg/h

AFD 8: up to 1.600 bottles/h

additional information

  • completely in stainless steel (AISI 403)
  • base frame with adjustable feet
  • chip guard made of polycarbonate
  • pneumatic filling devices with all necessary valves
  • adjustable vent valve to control flow rate from the touch panel
  • fast and slow filling rate dependet from the bottle size
  • electric transportation of the bottles between inlet conveyor and filling stations
  • inlet and outlet conveyor with side guidance
  • pneumatically separator at inlet conveyor
  • pressure regulator for adjusting the contact pressure
  • adapter and Program for machine internal cleaning (CIP Internal)
  • less amount of work to clean the filler

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