brewing block from Kaspar Schulz

key facts

  • complete pre-installed standard brewhouse
  • combining all components of brewing from pre-mashing to whirlpool
  • minimal space requirements
  • low construction costs and quick installation
  • matching fermentation, storage, and pressure tanks in SCHULZ quality


  • available in different unit designs (2G, 3G or pub brewery model)
  • it can be used to make brews ranging from 4 up to 20 bbl

additional information

brewing block equipment:

  1. mash/wort kettle
  2. lauter tun
  3. whirlpool
  4. header and hot water tank
  5. atmospheric re-evaporation unit
  • suitable for both infusion and decoction mashing processes
  • pre-assembled on a metal frame and pre-piped, pre-wired and tested

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