hopdosing system from Kaspar Schulz

key facts

  • mobile pressure tank for dry hopping in cold area or used as hop back between whirlpool and wort cooler for use of hop pellets or cone hops
  • no oxidation by oxygen free atmosphere
  • ideal extraction results and gentle treatment
  • no CO2 losses in beer
  • flexible use in different process steps and areas


  • available in maximum pellet load of 10 kg (S-10) or 50 kg (S-50)

additional information

  • the pellets are sucked into the circulation circuit by the vacuum created by the self-priming or self-venting centrifugal pump
  • the procedure can be repeated as often as necessary to process larger quantities of hops
  • to reduce the trub load of the whirlpool, hops can be infused in the hot zone using a rocket and a sieve insert when cooling the wort in the bypass

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