key facts

  • for keg inside cleaning and sanitizing
  • Co2 purging and pressurising
  • for all kegs and beverage-container
  • for all fittings types
  • cleaning of keg wall and fitting (down tube)


  • capacity 30 keg/h

additional information

  • completely in stainless steel (AISI 304)
  • one insulated tank for detergent
  • switch cabinet completely in stainless steel
  • low maintenance cleaning head with fixed piping, no electronic in wet area
  • control for keg-valve opened
  • holding down device with pneumatic cylinder and moveable, cushioned plate
  • spring mounted table with keg stop logs
  • pneumatically stainless steel piston valves with optically position indication
  • pressure switch for control the flow line with pressure led-display
  • electronic probe for control the return line with optically indication of state

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