yeast propagation system

key facts

  • strongly fermenting yeast as an essential requirement for consistent beer quality and increasing biological safety
  • propagators for a simple and flexible assimilation
  • excellent vitality, fermentation strength and microbiological
  • purity of the pitching yeast
  • high fermentation rate, high beer quality, high foam stability and better filter service life due to an excellent fermentation process
  • different sizes of vessels and degrees of automation
  • solution for every type of budget


  • consists of one or two CARLSBERG FLASKs and a panel for sterile air supply as well as a control unit
  • the parameters temperature and aeration quantity and aeration interval can be adjusted in the control system in the respective propagation phases
  • available in the sizes 50 and 100 liters


  • entry into yeast propagation in sizes from 2 - 20 hectoliters
  • variable control


  • high-quality yeast propagation with external circulation and aeration of the yeast by the patented TURBO AIR technology
  • available in semi-automatic coupling panel technology or in fully automatic double-seat valve technology
  • free adjustment of the number and size of the pre- and main propagators
  • viability values of over 98 percent can be guaranteed due to optimal oxygen supply and gentle mixing
  • controls can be supplied as stand-alone or as fully integrated automation
  • minimization of resources such as air, cooling and CIP media

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