Kaspar Schulz

Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt GmbH

  • est. 1677 in Bamberg (Germany)
  • family owned and operated in the 10th generation by Johannes Schulz-Hess
  • general manager: Kai Neubauer
  • around 200 employees in Bamberg
  • products: malt houses, breweries and destilling equipment
  • inhouse production of tanks, brew house vessels along with piping (5.500sqm)
  • Mr. Schulz-Hess (owner) owns Essau + Hueber and Hinke (total of over 300 employees)

company presentation:

real craft since 1677

copper craftmanship since 1677


Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt GmbH
Kaspar-Schulz-Strasse 1
96052 Bamberg, Germany

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