• specialized in the supply of raw materials and consumables to breweries
  • products: hops, yeast, wood barrels, glassware, bavarian beer benches and more
  • our marketplace buy as easy as in every online shop but get the consumables directly with all requested information
  • close contact with our suppliers in the beverage industry
  • highest raw material quality, great pricing and personal contacts
  • value through detailed knowledge of origins, production methods and full transparency
  • long-term relationships with our growers
  • next generation of raw material trade

proHops GmbH

Herderstraße 1

85356 Freising (Germany)

the business of proHops:

open marketplace with detailed information about offered varieties and origin

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wholesale business and distribution of hops from selected hop growers to ship hops worldwide - there is no hop we cannot provide

brokering hops from breweries to other breweries

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